Kasbah & Ryad Dar Ilham Marrakesh, Morocco


Every stay in the ochre city deserves a walk down the Medina, and the famous square called "Jemaa El Fna"; Country of crafts and shops, you'll probably end up giving the bargain a try.
You'll find spices, jewels, traditional outfits, leather, carpets, potteries, woods, metals and many other things that will arouse your curiosity.

The alchemy of the plants :

Spices are the essential ingredient for Moroccan kitchen : in the Medina you can admire plenty of beautiful stalls.
Some of them are herbalists and will help you find natural remedies or aesthetic cares.

Preciously kept goods :

Jewels are very important for Moroccan women , that once had no other choice than wearing them in order to differentiate. You will find lots of traditional jewels in the SOUK, earrings, diadems, or more modern pieces in silver or gold.

Control of weaving :

The carpets or the art of bargain : you'll need plenty of time to negotiate the best prices while drinking tea. Do not hesitate to ask questions as the merchant will love to explain every techniques of weaving.

Ground like cultural element :

The potteries are big travelers : They are made in Safi, Meknès, Salé or Fès. They are all different and get their styles from the city they come from.

Love of wood :

Wood appears in different aspects like for decoration, tables, sculpted the ancient way and painted by hand.

Copper: a matter belonging to the history :

Copper was once the only metal used for trays and vases. Nowadays you can still find beautiful pieces of engraved copper sometimes decorated with silver by the MARRAKCHI.

The art of the wrought iron and its rebirth :

Wrought iron has had quite a success lately and it's not rare to see some in the European decoration shops. You can find in the Medina all sorts of objects wrought with a lot of knowledge.

So don't wait up and dare to go and get lost in the alleys of the old city full of treasures to explore !


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