Why the Department of Spanish & 葡萄牙语?


我们在文学提供专业课程,语言学,美国拉丁/ O的研究,翻译和视觉艺术。




Residents must have completed SPAN 204 or 220 (or have tested out of Macalester’s language requirement in Spanish), agree to speak only Spanish in the house, and must take a course in the Department of Spanish & 葡萄牙语 each semester they live in the house. 学生们 who live in 卡萨hispana are not required to be on a campus meal plan, though some decide to purchase the meal plan anyway, and applicants can choose from several single- and double-occupancy room options.

应用在二月或三月每次即将学年开放。在难得的机会,我们有春天的意外开启,一个简短的申请期将在10月/ 11月的时间一起去。我们将永远张贴在这里和 每天的MAC 当应用程序是开放的,所以你不会错过!

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